About Becky
Founder | Brave Crate

Becky Hoy believes that deployment is one of the best things that has ever happened for the growth of her marriage and her own personal development.  As an Army spouse whose husband has been deployed or otherwise away from home for roughly half of their seven years of marriage, Becky realized quickly that wishing away the days during deployment could not be an option for her.  

Using her more than 8 years of experience working in operations and organizational development, Becky began to intentionally craft each moment of her life during deployments.  By adapting the tools and techniques she uses to help businesses succeed, Becky has developed a strategy to help spouses begin viewing deployment as unique opportunity for personal growth.

In her effort to share this message with other spouses, and to support women who wanted to make the most of the deployment season, Becky founded Brave Crate, the deployment care package for military spouses.  She shares weekly tips and inspiration as a blogger for Brave Blog and and has curated a deployment-positive support community for military spouses called Brave Board.  

When she is not curating for Brave Crate, coaching with The Bonfire Group, or working in her "day job," Becky can be found reading or spending time with her Great Dane, Ellie and her Labrador “Iggy”.  Besides her husband, Becky’s greatest love is her calendar, which she says has been an essential element in her learning to “reclaim deployment."

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