Everything Inside the July Brave Crate!!


Sometimes we can be surprised by the little things that we miss during deployments.  One of my most surprising “misses” is actually the mess that my husband can make!   The PT belt draped across a kitchen chair, or the boots left right in the middle of the living room- their absence can be a reminder that someone I love is missing too.

Reseting our surroundings and our habits in this season of deployment is the perfect way to reclaim our space and develop new rhythms.  While the “missing” never stops, we can improve our space and ourselves to find joy in the new squeaky clean atmosphere!   

Check out everything inside our "SQUEAKY CLEAN" Brave Crate from July!!


Linen Spray by BeverlyAnd3rd
This Air & Linen Mist is formulated to eliminate odor, while leaving behind a wonderful scent, created to make your entire space smell squeaky clean.

Dishwasher Magnet by Copper Marmalade
Start a new habit in your home this month that can carry all the way through homecoming- keep that sink empty!  Flip this magnet each time you load or empty the dishwasher!

Man Soap by Elixir Apothecary
A special blend made with eucalyptus, pine, and bergamot essential oils. With it's mild and manly scent, this soap is great for use on the face or body and will surely make any man feel appreciated and loved.

Magic Makeup Remover Cloth
Keep your gorgeous face squeaky every single night!  Streamline your squeaky clean nighttime routine with these makeup remover cloths that remove every trace of makeup with JUST WATER!

Warrior Mix by Bee Free
You can make EVERYTHING squeaky clean- including your snacks!  This granola cereal treat is made to perfection with 100% clean ingredients.  Gluten-Free, Paleo and naturally sweetened!  

Loofah Soap by Friendly Body Product
Fall in love with this glycerin rich soap with a hint of berry, melon and flowers . Highly exfoliating with a slice of natural loofah inside

July Brave Crate subscribers get access to the "Simplify Your Life in Six Weeks" course from Kelly Jayne McCann- The Organizing Maven!  This self-guided workshop gives you the tools you need to lead a simpler, less stressful life- and it's your gift with our July "Squeaky Clean" box! Find time to focus on the important things, instead of just the urgent. You'll make progress toward goals and learn how you can wake up to an organized day, everyday!


Love everything in this Brave Crate!?