Everything Inside the March Brave Crate!!


I can usually tell you EXACTLY how many weeks, days and minutes I have left until the end of deployment. If I’ve planned one thing in my life it’s my homecoming countdown! With so much focus on the finish line, it can be easy for me to forget about all of the amazing moments in between.

This month the Brave Crate community is focused on making intentional choices with our time, so we can roll through our countdown feeling Perfectly Planned. Even with the added tasks and projects brought on by this deployment, we can learn to create new routines that keep us efficient so we’re ready to tackle anything Murphy’s Law can throw at us!

With the help of guest experts and the planning essentials you’ve found in this months box, we’ll learn to organize all of the chaos and become the CEO of our deployment countdown! I hope that everything inside this months Brave Crate inspires you to own every moment while you prepare for homecoming!

Becky Hoy
Founder, Brave Crate

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ALL. THE. THINGS. Bag by Joy & Chaos
You’re wearing a lot of different hats while you’re holding it down during deployment. Our FAVORITE tip for staying organized is creating “GO-BAGS” - pre-filled with your supplies for different activities, so you don’t have to unpack your bag every time you come home. This hot-pink “GO-BAG” is a perfect bag to keep packed with “all the things” for whatever activity you find yourself packing for the most!


Orange Blossom Loofah Soap by Bathtime by Brittany
If you’re on the home-side of a deployment, our bet is that you’re pretty busy! Intentionally making time for yourself is important- and doing that efficiently! makes it happen! Don’t waste time soaping up and THEN exfoliating- do it all at once with this natural loofah or sponge AND soap works as an exfoliate WHILE you soap up! SO efficient!

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Vinyl Weekly Wall Calendar by The Vinyl Company
Get visual with your perfectly planned week ahead using this vinyl wall calendar (and chalk marker!) See your appointments, meals and events all in one place- revel in all of your organized glory! Don’t worry- we included that chalk marker too for you friend!


Chocolate Pretzels by Funky Chunky
When you’ve perfectly-planned your day there’s no time to stop for snacks! Instead, plan ahead with these, salty pretzels laced with chewy, gooey caramel and a ton of chocolatey decadence. This sweet salty addiction starts with a drizzle of three kinds of chocolatey goodness - dark, milk and white; sprinkled with roasted pecan pieces. It’s a grown up snack for a BOSS like you!.


“My Favorite Thing” card by Rachel Alvarez Designs
We’re all about staying productive during deployment- but never at the expense of spending intentional time to send love to those closest to us! Take a break from planning to remind your spouse exactly what your favorite thing “TO DO” is!

PLUS: We stamped it for you- so go ahead send it right now!!


GPS Alert Key Tracker
Wanna know what stops a perfectly planned day right in it’s tracks? Losing your keys!! Chances are you’re moving quickly, and sometimes your keys don’t end up exactly where you’d expect- and during deployment it might be tough for your spouse to help you find them!! Plan ahead and setup this tracker with the iTRACK app on your smartphone to find your keys quickly- and get on with your well designed day!

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March Subscribers have access to an exclusive online e-course “Planning Essentials for the Hero at Home” created by Ashton Reagin- creator of the Organized Chaos App. As a seasoned military spouse, Ashton has endured seven military moves, five deployments, and has been otherwise separated from her spouse for nearly half of her 12 years of marriage- so she knows what's up!

Whether you are a stay-at home mom, spouse with no children, or work full time, being productive and staying motivated during this deployment can be a challenge. In this three-part e-course, Ashton
teaches Brave Crate subscribers tools and techniques for time management, budgeting, event planning and organization.

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